Coral Bijoux  is a South African artist who makes visible the work that she has engaged with for many years: observing, challenging, documenting life in a transitioning world amidst political and social upheavals, quiet moments and life experiences. Her ideas and concepts speak through a visual language which is fecund with metaphor and symbol, textured surfaces through her choices of materiality echo layered meanings. Her artwork, curatorial practice and projects centre on these experiences and observations using predominantly installation in  site specific spaces; sculptural forms, drawings, photo-montages/collage, paintings, soundscapes, animation, video…whatever the space requires… in a variety of materials. She is interested in the metaphor of material as well as its alchemy often juxtapositioning organic and inorganic materials in alternate indoor and outdoor spaces. Wood? Enjoy its smell, its texture, its memory…Plastic? Can we escape it? Clay…its the earth! Laughter? It vibrates. Silence? It absorbs…it speaks. Rhythm? It centres…ME. 

You – audience…viewer complete my spaces. YOU. Not gazing, but experiencing. Being a part of. Living. Sharing. Feeling. Listening. Touching. Respecting.