What is Silence if not the absence of sound?

Silence as a Room contemplates Silence from the perspective of a woman in southern Africa. What is Silence? What is its shape and feel? Can you hear ‘the’ silence?

Silence invites you in…

Silence Sounds Somewhere

Dreams as R-evolution

Supported by the National Arts Council and the Human Elephant Foundation Music written for the Dreams as R-evolution installation by Salim Washington and UZIBO How uncanny is it that I began writing about this Dreams as R-evolution concept – the installation and artbook more than 2 years ago.  ARTBOOK PROCESS IZIKO INSTALLATION SPACE AUTHORITY / …

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‘green’, a mixed media installation of sculptural form and 2 dimensional work, grew out of my process of ‘greening the gallery’ during the re-installation of Dreams as R-evolution at the IZIKO National Gallery in Cape Town, 2021. ‘green’ sought to challenge what was the traditional white-spaced Entrance/Main gallery set up for many years to exhibit …

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dreams, wishes and expectations_recycled

This body of work emanated from the exhibition I curated called, Dreams, Wishes and Exhibitions for the Voices of Women Museum in an old building downtown. Photographs by Roger Jardine and Coral Bijoux To see the associated blog, click here

Dreams, Wishes and Expectations

Slide show by Coral Bijoux; Selected photographs by Roger Jardine and Coral Bijoux, music by Leonard Cohen-You want it Darker This work began as an installation within the Dreams, Wishes and Expectations exhibition which I curated in 2017, as the first and temporary location of the Voices of Women Museum. To see the associated blog, …

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We Fly To The Moon

This work is a collaged multi-media drawing that references a ‘historical’ frieze. It is the central piece of a Tryptic as yet incomplete.    To see the associated blog, click here

The V-bag

This work is a soft sculptural piece developed as a conceptual idea with the technical assistance of Wendy Chatterton and her project that used recycled T-shirt material. To see the associated blog, click here