Silence as a Room

Within each Silence is you in your fullness. Within each Silence is the whole world.

What is Silence if not the absence of sound? Silence as a Room recognizes the shape and sound of silence as object and as verb; through the lens and body of a woman in southern Africa; where she experiences silence as inviting, as the recognition of softness, whispers and breezes carrying the scents of an African landscape saturated in ‘the living’, not the ‘looking at’ as land as space as place as access.

Much like AlterEgo in Dreams as R-evolution, the Silence Shadow Diary presents a silent witness to the making of Silence as a Room. At times, she’s sacred, sometimes quirky, often playful, but always…present.


“I am not creating the Silence as it already exists; I’m rather shaping it so that you may understand and experience it a little better.”


Within each Silence is you in your fullness. Within each Silence is the whole world.


5 thoughts on “Silence as a Room”

  1. It truly is in the stillness that we find….Self. We are overwhelmed by everything everywhere all at once. Our minds in the matrix probably experience life much like your video of the locusts devouring in swarms everything everywhere all at once…. I am forced to take deep breaths beloved sister after watching that…. Thank you for guiding us back to Truth. I have set an intention to sit in your “earthy womb”…. I feel called. Love and Gratitude my sweet Coral.

  2. This is an important work… we have forgotten how to be silent. Noise, distraction, ‘convenience’ – a fingertip away… dragging us away from the sacred and transformative… to build, to walk, to create with an awareness of our relatedness and impact…

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