Silence As A Room: ABOUT

ABOUT….Silence as a Room #1 of #5 is a 5m diameter sculptural structure developed in the land. The first of  5 such structures lies just 5 km outside of Richmond, Karoo, in the Northern Cape and within walking distance from the town or a mere quick drive in the veld.

I have spent 3 months firstly, to locate the most appropriate and accessible site for this work and then working the land, which at times defeated me with its resistible attitude, nonchalant about my meagre efforts to shift the earth from within my 5m mark.  Though I was offered a site on a beautiful sheep farm nearby called Stillewaters, my main concern was one of accessibility for a broad as well as local audience. As such, the work developed on ‘open’ land and is easily within reach. The public land art and built piece gifted to the “boekbedondered” and artistic town, Richmond that sits midway on the N1 between Johannesburg and Cape Town making it a perfect destination for work travel and/or holiday stopovers. The Silence as a Room? Right now, the work is still under development and will be completed soon.