Sikhum //khana//kha︢-b – We Fly to the Moon, 2016

Sikhum //khana //kha︢-b We Fly to the Moon, 2016
Medium: Mixed media collage and drawing; Dimensions: 135.5cm X 120cm (A Tryptic -incomplete)
Photographed by: Wade Howard from Ocean Driven

About this work

An architectural frieze documents time and memory. Sikhum //khana //kha︢-b We Fly to the Moon suggests a subjective historical narrative, shaped within our evolving African landscape: re-defined, re-visioned and re-imagined; a journey determined beyond the wounded narrative. It introduces absurdity and non-rationalism as metaphor and problematizes various historical constructions that are now familiar rhetoric. This evolution provides opportunity and celebration, grounded in knowledge that the past and present provides the human conceptual space to enable the future (to ‘fly’ (//khana).

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