dreams, wishes and expectations_Recycled, 2018-2019

Work in progress – Recycle of Installation piece: dreams, wishes and expectations

This work considers the consciousness (or lack thereof) with which we live. The unconscious choices we make become our reality, which mars our future minds and world. Production is want versus need. The consumption of innocence relinquishes responsibility to a primeval desire for control, ownership and power.

Creation: gendered roles (acknowledging Colonial influence) has rendered uneven – divides in access; inadequate control over the outcome of one’s life; ability to earn and personal autonomy in a capitalist and patriarchal existence.

Creation: Plastic – substance/s that protect; sometimes enhance life span and its utilitarian nature is wide-spread and easily accessible.

Creation: Uneven; imbalance and destruction

Creation: a world, a space left undesirable and unsustainable. Abuse where vulnerability exists.

To Recycle my work requires the destruction of it.


The installation titled, dreams, wishes and expectations_Recycled, is not about plastic and neither is it about waste or recycling. It is about humanity. It is about the way in which we conduct our lives. It questions our understanding of ‘’the feminine’’, which is our cliched references to the Earth as mother and yet, we seldom consult this perspective. It is a direct result of ‘this lack’ that we produce a strong, useful and all too easily accessible product that actually never goes away — plastic. It remains with us forever, even after a bronze sculpture is defaced or other materials atrophy…It is also not a living material. It is produced and discarded at random, much the way we discard most things that start out with good intentions. Much the way we often treat ourselves, each other. Humanity. Unthinking in our endeavours for profit, we forget that the consequences of our actions often hurt us. If not today, definitely tomorrow. Have we not learnt?

8 thoughts on “dreams, wishes and expectations_Recycled, 2018-2019”

  1. We appreciate the universe or the God’s that keep such creative person as you,our inspiration sequel when we see such work much appreciation Coral.

    1. Hi Dark Jah

      Thanks for your response. The title lends itself to an almost esoteric idea, but there is a harsh reality embedded within. The expectation we have of each other and the world does not always match our actions. I simply put it out there through my work that will hopefully allow us to look deeper and to think about what that means – personally and then to translate that to decision makers – which we put in those positions; politicians – who are supposed to represent us as ordinary people; church, synagogue; temple; traditional spiritual leaders…these are all the people whom we have expectations of ( including ourselves). We have dreams based on what we read in stories, the media, other people …lovers, friends, family members…aspiration, desire, need…etc are all the things that push us, demanding more. How real is that? How positive and affirming is that really? ….

  2. I feel like plastic and the waste it creates serves to mirror the nature of our society and the short term thinking that has lead to prioritization of consumption over everything else.

    1. I agree A. I think when I first started working with plastic, as a metaphor – for the way in which we create, use, discard…without thinking about the consequences of our actions. I thought about vulnerable people – not victims mind you – who are treated in the same careless way by our world and by those with perceived power. Plastic was initially created as a useful material and it is in many instances , but its very resilience renders it virtually indestructable and toxic. The nature of consumption of course is to produce more and more…something like 300million tons per annum. It doesn’t biodegrade and so where does it go to?

      This work ultimately is a focus on our humanity…and consciousness.

  3. Lindi MaLetlaka Dlamini.

    Dear Coral
    Wow you are amazing. Its true interest may die but passion can only lie low or still or dim for a moment but will never die. Thanks s is your passion. Pity the world might not know who you are and what you are about, because your work is abstract. Abstract is deep. Keep up the good work girlie until the world sings your praises. Lindi MaLetlaka Dlamini.

    1. Hi Lindiwe
      I think its more important to engage on the topics or the message/s inherent in the artworks. Its been interesting to engage with people on the street as they walk past the open door. Abstract though the work is, there are substantial insights into the work; issues around the material I am using (recycled plastic) ; the process i am following – embroidering or sewing each square using blanket stitch. I work in a very male dominant environment with car dealerships, panel beaters, car upholstery and …a nightclub and shelter nearby, so you can imagine the dialogue!
      Seriously though, awareness is raised in all kinds of contexts and without being self-conscious. Awareness about the feminist idea in an African context; environment and i suppose survival…

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